Marine Parks


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Maps of Enhanced Marine Parks, April 2019: Click to Enlarge

Notes on various protected zones The maps below show public moorings within the no-dive zones off Grand Cayman and Little Cayman.

The nine dive sites affected on Grand Cayman are:

  • 13 Trees
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Darvin’s Theory
  • Lost Treasure Reef*
  • Cayman Crossing
  • Ned’s Tunnels
  • Lost Wall
  • Max’s Garden
  • Christopher’s Wall

*Note that Lost Treasure Reef is hard to see on the DoE map (in the CNS Library) because it is written in yellow, where all the others are written clearly in red. This site is closed to diving but is open for line-fishing.

The single dive site affected on Little Cayman Cayman is:

  • Blacktip Tunnels

The new protected areas do any affect any publicly moored named dive sites off Cayman Brac.

Old map of Marine Parks