Statutory Authorities and Government Companies (SAGCs)

There are 18 Statutory Authorities and 7 Government Companies (SAGCs), which are semi-autonomous bodies with the Cayman Islands Government as the sole shareholder. Each has its own governing body, generally a board of directors, which is appointed by Cabinet and answerable to the Legislative Assembly.

The duties and powers of statutory authorities and government companies are set out in Part V of the Public Management and Finance Law (2010 Revision). Each statutory authority is established under its own enabling legislation, which establishes the details of its governance. Government companies are created under the Cayman Islands Companies Law and its governance is set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association required by the law.

Office of the Auditor General’s reports:

Statutory Authorities

  1. Auditor Oversight Authority
  2. Cayman Islands Airport Authority
  3. Cayman Islands Development Bank
  4. Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
  5. Cayman Islands National Museum
  6. Cayman Islands Cultural Foundation
  7. Civil Aviation Authority
  8. Health Services Authority
  9. Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands
  10. The National Drug Council
  11. National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
  12. National Roads Authority
  13. Port Authority of the Cayman Islands
  14. Public Service Pension Board
  15. Tourism Attraction Board
  16. University College of the Cayman Islands
  17. Utilities Regulatory and Competition Office
  18. Water Authority

Government Companies

  1. Cayman Airways Limited
  2. Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Limited
  3. Cayman Turtle Farm (1983) Ltd.
  4. Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation
  5. Cayman Islands National Insurance Company Limited
  6. National Housing Development Trust
  7. Sister Islands Affordable Housing Corporation


CIG Annual HR report 2016-17