Shadow Cabinet

The opposition members of the Cayman Islands Parliament formed an Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet for the first time following the May 2021 General Elections. While this is not a constitutional role of the opposition MPs, it does follow accepted parliamentary practice in the Westminster system, where the party not in power scrutinizes government policies and develops alternatives. This not only holds the government to account for its actions more effectively but also enables the opposition to prepare as the ‘government in waiting’ if they are returned to power in future elections.

The current (and first) shadow Progressives cabinet has chosen not to follow the portfolio groupings of the PACT Government. The shadow ministers, announced on 13 May 2021, are as follows:

  • Roy McTaggart, Leader of the Opposition
    Shadow Minister for Finance, Economic Development and Infrastructure
  • Joey Hew, Deputy Leader of the Opposition
    Shadow Minister for Commerce, the Environment, Transport, Planning and Lands
  • Alden McLaughlin
    Shadow Minister for Financial Services, International Trade and Development, and Agriculture
  • Moses Kirkconnell
    Shadow Minister for Tourism, District Administration, eGovernment and Innovation
  • Dwayne Seymour
    Shadow Minister for Health, Housing, Culture and Heritage, and Home Affairs
  • Barbara Conolly
    Education and Social Development
  • David Wight
    Shadow Minister for Youth, Sports and Labour

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