LGBT rights

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and/or intersexual rights:

Day and Bodden v. CIG

Civil Partnership Law comes into effect:

Governor assents to the Civil Partnership Law:

Challenge to the use of section 81, Governor’s reserved power, to impose the Civil Partnership Law:

Opposition response to passing of CP Law:

Civil Partnership Law and Consequential Legislation:

  1. Adoption of Children (Amendment) Law, 2020
  2. Evidence (Amendment) Law, 2020
  3. Health Insurance (Amendment) Law, 2020
  4. Immigration (Transition) (Amendment) (No.2) Law, 2020
  5. Mental Health (Amendment) Law, 2020
  6. National Pensions (Amendment) (No.2) Law, 2020
  7. Penal Code (Amendment) Law, 2020
  8. Protection from Domestic Violence (Amendment) Law, 2020
  9. Public Service Pensions (Amendment) Law, 2020
  10. Succession (Amendment) Law, 2020
  11. Wills (Amendment) Law, 2020

Governor to impose Domestic Partnership Law:

Governor’s statement and responses:

Official Opposition to DP Bill:

Civil union legislation:

Defeat of the bill:

Vote count on the Domestic Partnership Bill, 29 July 2020

Yes Vote

  1. Alden McLaughlin (PPM)
  2. Moses Kirkconnell (PPM)
  3. Roy McTaggart (PPM)
  4. Joey Hew (PPM)
  5. David Wight (PPM)
  6. Tara Rivers (IND)
  7. Austin Harris (IND)
  8. Ezzard Miller (IND)

No Vote

  1. Arden McLean (IND)
  2. Alva Suckoo (IND)
  3. Chris Saunders (IND)
  4. Bernie Bush (IND)
  5. Kenneth Bryan (IND)
  6. Anthony Eden (IND)
  7. Eugene Ebanks (CDP)
  8. Dwayne Seymour (IND)
  9. Juliana O’Connor Connolly (PPM)

Barbara Conolly did not vote because she was acting speaker. The person presiding only votes in the case of a tie.

McKeeva Bush was still on a leave of absence and therefore not present for the vote.


Documents 2020:

UK Parliamentary Select Committee: (Point 13)

The UK Government must set a date by which it expects all OTs to have legalised same-sex marriage. The UK Government must be prepared to intervene through legislation or an Order in Council if the date is not met.