Governor’s Statement: Publication of the Domestic Partnership Bill

His Excellency The Governor Mr Martyn Roper said: “The publishing of the Domestic Partnership Bill today is a welcome step on the path to ensuring that the rights of everyone in the territory are upheld and that Cayman law is compliant with the recent ruling of the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal.

“During the COVID crisis I have been struck by how the community has pulled together to look after each other.  There have been so many acts of kindness and tolerance shown to everyone across our communities – Caymanians and residents, but also foreign visitors and workers. The Premier set the tone early on with his clear statement that the government would look after everyone on the islands.  Whether it be providing food, shelter or medical assistance, including to ships in distress or helping foreign workers stranded in Cayman or other neighbouring states to return home, we can be proud of how our community has acted in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. I have received many expressions of thanks from foreign governments for our actions.  

“Our constitution recognises our Christian values, the importance of the rule of law and our respect for human dignity, equality and freedom.  These values apply to us all and I hope that we all continue to show a spirit of tolerance and compassion to all members of our society.  In the Covid crisis, we have learnt more about what really matters. The wonderful value of human interactions that we lost during the lockdown. At a time when the Black Lives Matters campaign is rightly forcing all of us to look carefully at our own behaviours, I urge everyone to treat each other with renewed courtesy, dignity and respect at all times.”