About CNS Library

The CNS Library is an information portal to provide public access to documents that we acquire through the course of our work producing articles for the Cayman News Service websites. It is intended as a public service, aiming to make this information readily available and easy to find and preserving it for posterity. The Library is an ongoing project, to which we will continually add documents as well as background explanations on various functions of government and segments of society.

If you have documents that you believe should be in the public domain or if you have additional or updated information, please email info@caymannewsservice.com.

We would also like to hear from readers about the functionality of this site, comments or suggestions on how it could be improved, and what you would like to see here.

And importantly, we are also looking for sponsors so that we can dedicate time and resources to this project. You or your business can become an Official Sponsor for the Library for $1,500/year or a Gold Sponsor for $2,500/year.

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Although we hope that visitors to the Cayman Islands will find the Library interesting, it is not intended to be a visitors’ guide.