Elected Members of the Legislative Assembly

The 18 members of the Legislative Assembly were elected into office in the 22 May 2013 General Election. The Progressive Party, also known as the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM), gained nine seats but shortly after the elections, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly formally joined the PPM, which gave the party a clear majority of ten to form the government. The United Democratic Party (UDP) won three seats and became the official opposition. Three independents who were endorsed by a political advocacy group known as the Coalition for Cayman (C4C) were elected but now sit on the government benches in the LA. Two independents who have no affiliation with any group or party sit on the opposition benches but apart from the official opposition in what is known as the “Southeast Corner”.

George Town

  • Alden McLaughlin (PPM), Premier
  • Kurt Tibbetts (PPM), Minister
  • Marco Archer (PPM), Minister
  • Joseph Hew (PPM), Ministry Counsellor
  • Roy McTaggart (C4C), Ministry Counsellor
  • Winston Connolly (C4C), Ministry Counsellor

Bodden Town

  • Wayne Panton (PPM), Minister
  • Osbourne Bodden (PPM), Minister
  • Alva Suckoo (PPM), Ministry Counsellor
  • Anthony Eden (PPM)

West Bay

  • McKeeva Bush (UDP), Leader of the Opposition
  • Eugene Ebanks (UDP)
  • Bernie Bush (UDP)
  • Tara Rivers (C4C), Minister

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

East End

  • Arden McLean (Ind)

North Side

  • Ezzard Miller (Ind)

Full breakdown of election results (Cayman Islands Elections Office)