Education Council

Notice of appointment of the current Council


Dan Scott Chair
Barbara Conolly, MLA Councillor for Education and Youth
Christen Suckoo or his designate* Chief Officer for the Ministry of Education
Lyneth Monteith Director of the Department of Education Services
Jacqueline Ebanks Has expertise in the areas of compulsory education
Shauna Haylock ditto
Debra McLaughlin ditto
Deborah Thompson Represents independent or assisted schools
Woody Foster Represents the business community
Nola Bodden Represents Cayman Brac
Claudette Lazzari ditto
Christina Bodden General Member
Maxine Bodden General Member
Darrel Rankine General Member
Cindy Scotland General Member
Kimberly Kirkconnell from the Ministry of Education Secretary of the Education Council. The Secretary is not considered a member and has no vote on the Council.

*Christen Suckoo is no longer the CO of the Education Ministry.