Customs & Border Control (Amendment) Act, 2021: Who this affects

The agency involved in all applications listed below is the CBC.

  • Student visas
  • People renewing student visas
  • People arriving under the Global Citizen Concierge Programme
  • Those receiving entry permits approved by Cabinet

Approved vaccinations are AstraZeneca, Janssen (Johnson and Johnson), Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech.

40 day grace period

Applicants who are off-island and for some reason unable to access a COVID-19 vaccination can submit, along with their application, a declaration of their intent to complete an approved vaccine course within 40 days of arrival on-island. Failure to provide CBC with a vaccination certificate confirming that the applicant has completed the full course will result in revocation of the approved application.

Individuals who are already on-island when submitting their application, may likewise declare their intent to complete an approved vaccine course, and provide a vaccination certificate to within 40 days of approval. Failure to provide CBC with this will result in revocation of any grant and having to leave the Islands.


Anyone seeking exemption on medical grounds must obtain a letter/certificate from a physician in the Cayman Islands if applying locally or from a physician from the country of origin if applying overseas. This document must be sent to the Health Services Authority for review and approval by the Medical Officer of Health, after which it should be submitted along with the application.

If a vaccination certificate, declaration or medical exemption is not included at the time of the application submission, this may cause a deferral or delay in processing. The declaration form can be found on the CBC website.

To facilitate COVID-19 social distancing protocols, CBC encourages customers with queries to email or call the Customer Support Centre 1-345-649-4579.

Source: GIS